Clé Verte Certified Camping in the Bay of Somme

Tarifs & réservations

The entire team at Camping Paradis du Val de Trie is committed to a sustainable environment. Currently in the process of Clé verte certification, We are proud to present our eco-responsible actions and commitments.

Our actions

  • Resource Management :
    • – Installation of motion sensor outdoor lighting,
    • – Provision of a compost bin in all our rentals with an explanatory notice for our guests.
  • Waste Sorting :
    • – Implementation of sorting bins,
    • – Donations to charities of found items and small appliances,
    • – Donations of pillows and duvets to the SPCA,
    • – Purchases of second-hand equipment,
    • – Sorting of metals and wood.
  • Awareness-Raising Among Guests and Staff :
    • – Eco-friendly practices available to guests and staff in each sector,
    • – Information on biodiversity and nearby hiking trails.
  • Adherence to the Bay of Somme Zero Carbon Association :
    • – Implementation of responsible and ethical tourism activities by minimizing the impact of their economic activities on the Bay,
    • – Raising awareness among tourists and residents about environmental efforts in the Bay of Somme,
    • – Educating tourism stakeholders about major climate issues.

Our commitments

  • – Provision of a compost bin in all our rentals with an explanatory notice for our guests, 
  • – Installation of reversible air conditioning in all rentals to replace electric heaters and reduce energy consumption, 
  • – Replacement of cleaning products with eco-labeled products for floors, surfaces, sanitary facilities, glass, and dishes.

Book at Camping Paradis du Val de Trie, a 4-star eco-friendly campground in the Bay of Somme, for eco-responsible holidays. Enjoy a nature-filled stay with respect for the environment. Our commitment to sustainability will contribute to the protection of our beautiful Bay of Somme region!