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Enjoy a dream holiday at

Camping Paradis le Val de Trie !

Camping Paradis le Val de Trie awaits you for an unforgettable holiday…

Relive the atmosphere of the series at Camping Paradis le Val de Trie in the Baie de Somme. We have thought of everything : electric carts the same gantry, the outfits worn by the campsite staff, etc.
Every detail is inspired by the world of the series. Our family campsite is waiting for you to have an unforgettable experience and immerse you in a dream holiday !

Discover our programme !

In order to never get bored, Camping Paradis le val du Trie offers a tailor-made entertainment programme, for all families, couples and individuals who want to have fun. From April to September, it is possible to take advantage of playful and collective activities to enjoy the campsite to the full.

A campsite

closer to the little ones

Our campsite is a paradise for children aged 6 to 12. We welcome them all year round during the school holidays, offering them group activities, games, dancing and sports competitions to help them excel.

Every evening, except Saturdays, we have activities planned with games, concerts and shows for all, and of course the famous Fiesta Boom Boom, where young and old get together to party.

The paradis

of the Stars

We do everything we can to give you an exceptional welcome during the summer holidays. Camping Paradis Le Val de Trie in the Baie de Somme is transformed into a veritable Paradise of the Stars, offering a unique experience where you can applaud artists, meet reality TV personalities, and immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the 80s, where unforgettable stars continue to dazzle you.

Our commitment to your entertainment is total. At the heart of this summer haven, we’ve meticulously planned every detail to ensure you have the time of your life. Come and experience an enchanted interlude at Camping Paradis Le Val de Trie, where the glamour of television merges with the natural charm of the Baie de Somme. We’ve anticipated every need to make your stay an unforgettable experience!

On site, discover our entertainment program.

The club for children, is the Piki Club (April to September).

Le Paradis des Stars for concerts, animations and more (July to August).

Our activities are subject to change depending on weather conditions.

Discover also our shop and bring back a souvenir !

Discover our shop on site or online ! We offer many goodies in the colours of the Camping Paradis series.
You will find everything you need to refresh your wardrobe with the blue polo shirt emblematic of the series, but also caps, mugs, piki plush, etc. Happiness for all fans of the series !

Our shop offers you a souvenir of your holidays all year round.