Chateaufort Rambures - camping Clos Cacheleux

A historical place…

Come and discover the castle of Rambures, close to the campsite le Val de Trie!

Visit the domain of Rambures, a magnificent castle with its 15 hectare park. Since the 11th century, the castle has stood in the heart of the Vimeu region, close to the Normandie border. It was the first “brick and stone” castle in France with defensive innovations, the present castle was completed in the 15th century, all against the backdrop of the Hundred Years War.

Take a tour of the fully furnished rooms of the fortress. In the space of an hour, the lecturer will take you on a 700-year journey back in time. The castle has been inhabited by the same family for seven centuries, i.e. since its construction.

The discovery of the interiors is done in the company of a guide who will tell you about the daily life during the centuries in this fantastic building.

Listed as a historical monument and labelled as a remarkable garden since 2006, the renovation work began in the 17th century, when the fortress was transformed into a family home.

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