Regional food of the Somme Bay

Le gateau battu spécialité régionale à déguster
La ficelle picarde spécialité de Picardie
Les produits régionaux picards à déguster en famille
Les moules de Bouchot à déguster en famille en Baie de Somme

The Somme Bay is rooted in the culinary heritage Picard with flavors from the soil:

Picardy is a region rich in regional dishes that allows its visitors to discover the French flavours like :

Butter cake,
Strawberry jam of Littoral
Beer Farmer “Germinette”, “Blonde en Somme” or “Trio d’Vie”
Cider Farmer
omemade terrines with Beer

Our specialties

As you can see our landscapes are populated by cows. Picardy is also a country of breeding and milk production. Pulsed recipe in the collective heritage: the Ficelle Picarde. It is a regional food from Picardy consisting of a pancake surrounded by a with a ham mushroom-based cream and sour cream topped with cheese. Moreover, the Ficelle Picarde take its origins in Amiens thanks to Marcel Lefevre in 1950.

The famous “pork pie” is certainly not unknown to you, sautée de porc with cream and Camembert. Also, we are located 20km from the Normandy. Thus our reciepes mix the specialties of North and Normandy too.

You will find the famous Flemish stew (beef simmered in beer and gingerbread). Guinea fowl with speculos will surprise you for its spicy taste of the holiday season!

The Picardes delicacies

In Defacque family’s, women make jams with wonderful recipes: pear vanilla, strawberry macaroons, almond apricot… You will find those little pots bursting with sunshine in your breakfast basket.

The pastry Francis Freville will seduce you with his fresh butter cake representing the regional dishes flawlessly.

Le Moulin de Cahon offers meals with cereals produced in our Trie valley. (Spot sale of flour for biscuit, brioche flour…)

SNACK BAR in the Camping

Regional food from Picardy

La ficelle picarde spécialité de Picardie