Historic and cultural heritage

The Somme battle

Visit the Péronne memorial at 1h20 from your campsite. Immerse yourself in the history of the Big War and discover the soldier’s mentality and their daily lives. The museum makes you discover the drawings and the notebooks of the soldiers. You will be able to visit the graves of your ancestors, fallen on the battlefields.

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Amiens: visit the cathedral and “Les Hortillonnages”

Amiens Cathedral is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built 800 years ago, it is the largest in Europe and one of the few dice to have been built quickly: in 68 years. Its facade is composed of 750 statues and you can discover on the ground a labyrinth long of 234 meters.

“Hortillons” & Gardens on the water

Live a unique experience. Go by boat, visit the 300 hectares long floating gardens in the heart of Amiens. Don’t miss the traditional market on the water, on the third Sunday of June and go to see the marshes. Guaranteed change of scenery.

Rambures Castle

25 minutes away from your campsite, in the Rambures Castle, find all the atmosphere of the knights and the 100 years war. Make a leap into the past, during the eleventh century, in the footsteps of the first lords of Rambures. In a vast 15 hectares area, the fortress is located on the Norman border. You will discover its interiors, and the daily life of the inhabitants of the past. A journey back in time of 700 years where you will be able to visit its remarkable gardens.

The Chinese cemetery of Nolette

Located at 20 minutes from your campsite, the Chinese Cemetery in which rest Chinese civilian workers who were employed by the British Army during the First World War. Built in 1921, the cemetery contains the stelae of 841 Chinese workers, on whom inscriptions can be read in English and Chinese. This cemetery is considered the last visible trace of China’s participation in the war effort.

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