Booking Conditions


The rentals will be considered after signing the contract, the receipt of a deposit, the payment of the reservation fees of 12.00 €, and you can take the cancellation insurance premium for rental cottage (which is optional). We agree to confirm by letter or email.
All campers must comply with the rules of the campsite.
It is up to the camper to take out insurance, the campsite declines any responsibility in case of theft, fire, bad weather, etc … and incident concerning the civil responsibility of the camper.

In the case of a late arrival, your rental will remain available until the next afternoon. If we don’t receive any message, the accommodation becomes free and the stay is acquired by the site. In case of delayed arrival and/or early departure, the regulations corresponding to the reserved period will be due in full and no refund or no deduction will be made.
Rental is strictly personal. The tenant shall in no case sublet or assign his lease. The Amiens court is the only competent in case of dispute.

Following the implementation of the European Directive of May 21, 2013 by Order No. 2015-1033 of 20 August 2015 and Decree No 2015-1382 of 30 October 2015, consumers now have the option to use an ombudsman litigation consumption from the economic sector. The Ombudsman Tourism and Travel (MTV), will be the reference for the tourism sector: the CMAP (Center for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris) is a platform from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris. The mediation is free to the consumer.

Rental accommodation:
The balance is due no later than 30 days before arrival. Warning: after this period, if we have not received your payment, we consider your booking as canceled. The booking fee and the deposit will remain to the campsite.

Exceeding the maximum number of people (baby included) will result in immediate termination of the lease and the rental amount will remain due.

On the day of your arrival, the rental will be available after 4PM and, on the day of departure, the rental must be vacated by 10AM. 
In case of cancellation the deposit will be retained, or you will owe: rental fees and insurance (optional) and as compensation for breach of contract:
– an amount equal to 30% of the full cost of the stay, if you cancel more than a month before the scheduled date of arrival
– an amount equal to the total stay if you cancel less than a month before the scheduled date of arrival or if you do not turn this dated.

In order to repay the breach of contract payments, you can purchase insurance cancellation and interruption optional in your lease. Our Affinity Gritchen partner agrees to reimburse all or part of the stay only to customers who purchased the insurance Covered Camp. In case of cancellation, notify the campsite of your cancellation upon the occurrence of any event impeding your departure by mail or email. If the loss is expected in the general conditions (available on or from the campsite), notify the insurer within 48 hours and provide all the necessary information and supporting documentation. This insurance is optional but strongly recommended.
On arrival, we will ask: a €200 deposit for accommodation and a cleaning deposit (see pricing table cleaning fee) in check, cash or credit card. They will be returned subject to an inventory upon departure.
The material each property is subject to an encrypted inventory, the tenant is required to check upon arrival and report the same day any abnormality.
The rental cleaning is the responsibility of the tenant. End of stay, the rental must be returned in perfectly clean otherwise cleaning deposit will be retained.
If you take the cleaning fee when booking, only a deposit of 200 € will be required for hosting. The cleaning fee does not include the following: Bins emptied and clean, clean dishes and rows of empty dishwasher, grill, coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave and kettle emptied and cleaned. Otherwise, the sum of €30 will be charged.
Each tenant or occupant must refrain from making noise or motoring between 23h and 8h . In case of noise during these hours, the deposit of 200 € will be retained.

In case of an early departure and only in case of force majeure, the stay still to be performed will be refunded. Are considered as force majeure: death and hospitalization of yourself and your immediate family.
If a force majeure comes completely cancel your stay, 50% of the deposit will be refunded, provided that management be informed no later than 30 days prior to arrival.

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